Lloyds Banking Group Defined Contribution (Money Purchase) Scheme Modeller

This modeller has been designed to illustrate the impact of the changes to the Defined Contribution (Money Purchase) pension schemes across Lloyds Banking Group announced on 18 March 2010.

This modeller does not directly compare the existing terms with the new terms - but gives an indication of the pension that the new terms could deliver for you.

Please read the Assumptions and Limitations and Disclaimer details before using the Modeller. If you experience any problems using the Modeller please contact the OneHR Advice and Guidance team on 08456 406080 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

The modeller consists of three screens:

  • Input Form
    Enter a few basic details about yourself to get things started.
  • Contribution Calculator
    Set your current salary and how much you want to contribute towards your retirement and see that figure grow - thanks to help from Lloyds Banking Group and sizeable tax breaks.
  • Pension Calculator
    See a projection of your fund and what your annual pension and tax-free cash might be worth when you reach retirement.

Wherever you are asked to input information you can either:

  • use the keyboard to enter a value or
  • use the mouse to click on the arrows or drag the sliders up and down.

  • If you see a green question mark, click on this for more information and help about that item.
  • If you see a yellow warning triangle, you should click the triangle to see important information about the step you are at.

Figures shown by this modeller do not amount to a promise and there is no guarantee that a pension will be paid at the estimated amounts shown. The actual pension payable will almost certainly vary from the estimated pension figures shown.

Before proceeding to the modeller, please read the disclaimer.