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If you joined Lloyds Banking Group after 1 July 2010, you’ll have been automatically enrolled in Your Tomorrow.

If you’re still unsure, or if you’re a dependant or representative who needs to get in touch, contact WTW (the scheme administrator) at 01737 227 522.



You can top up your pension savings with additional voluntary contributions (AVCs). It's up to you how much you contribute and how often, and we provide a wide range of funds so you can choose how your AVCs are invested.

As long as you're within the Annual Allowance (AA), you'll get full tax relief on any pension contributions you make. This means that the cost of contributing £1 of pay is actually only 80p if you're a basic rate tax payer (or 60p if you’re a higher rate tax payer).*

If you leave the Scheme any AVCs you’ve made - including any through Pension Extra - will remain invested for you by the Trustee. The additional benefits you’ll get when you retire will depend on the value of your AVC fund and the cost of buying those additional benefits.

How much does your £1 contribution cost you?

80p if you are a basic rate tax payer
60p if you are a higher rate tax payer

If you'd like more information about AVCs and how to make them, please contact the Scheme administrator.

*Tax relief savings may be slightly different if you are a Scottish tax payer, as different rates and bands may apply.


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