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How your savings are invested

Watch our video to find out what happens to the money you save in your pension.

Pension Investments - Helping your savings grow for the future

When you save into your pension, your money doesn’t just sit there.

Your savings are invested to help them grow.

They’re invested in funds that buy things like company shares, which means little bits of lots of different companies, in property, which can be office developments, warehouses, and hotels, and in bonds, which are loans to companies and governments.

So while you’re saving for the future, your money could be supporting a range of businesses, providing new workspaces, or even improving the way people travel.

As your Trustee, we choose fund managers that aim to invest your savings responsibly. This means that, while they’re growing for your future, they’re helping to build a better world at the same time.

When you start saving into a pension, your retirement might be a long way off. So you’re investing your money for a long time.

We know that along the way, the value of your investments will go up and down from time to time. What matters is how your savings grow over the long term.

You can pick from three ready-made investment plans. Each invests your savings in different ways based on how you want to use them when you retire.

Or, you can choose your own investments from a range of funds we offer. This means you can grow your savings in a way that suits you.

Your options

You can pick from three ready-made investment plans or you can manage it yourself.

Watch our video to find out more about your investment options.

Pension Investments - Your options

When you save into your Lloyds Banking Group pension, your savings are invested to help them grow.

When it comes to how they’re invested – you can pick a ready-made investment plan, or you can manage it yourself.

If like many members, you want a ready-made plan for your investments, choose LifePlan.

If you want to manage your investment journey yourself, choose PersonalChoice.

With LifePlan, there are three options based on how you want to take your savings when you retire.

With all three options, the focus is on growing your savings whilst you’re further away from retirement.

Then, as you get closer to retirement, your investments are automatically adjusted to get your savings ready for you to take.

You can take your savings as cash, buy an income for life (called an annuity), or use your savings to give yourself a flexible income, taking money out as you need it.

These three ways of taking your savings are your three LifePlan options, so it’s important to pick the one which best fits how you plan to use your money.

With LifePlan, you’ll need to tell us two things:

- the age you think you’ll start to take your pension savings

- and how you might want to take them.

If you don’t know that yet, that’s okay. All three LifePlan options invest your savings in exactly the same way until 10 years before you plan to take them.

And if you need to, you can change your LifePlan option and the age you want to take your savings.

If you want to manage your investment journey yourself, choose PersonalChoice.

With PersonalChoice, you decide which funds you want to invest in.

There’s a whole list you can choose from – and you can choose as many or as few as you like.

Each fund has a different objective, a different level of risk, and invests in different countries around the world.

Any changes to your investments are up to you – they won’t happen automatically like they do in LifePlan.

So there we have it – pick a ready-made investment plan with LifePlan, or manage it yourself with PersonalChoice.

Whichever you choose, it’s important to review your choices if your retirement plans change. And you can switch the way some, or all of your savings are invested, at any time.

Remember, the value of your investments will go up and down in the short term. But what matters is how they grow in the long term.

Getting help to decide

By law, we cannot give you advice about what to do.

You can get free and impartial guidance from the government’s website, MoneyHelper: Pension investment options.

If you want advice that’s specific to you, you need to hire an independent financial adviser. Find an adviser near you with MoneyHelper.


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