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If you joined Lloyds Banking Group after 1 July 2010, you’ll have been automatically enrolled in Your Tomorrow.

If you’re still unsure, or if you’re a dependant or representative who needs to get in touch, contact WTW (the scheme administrator) at 01737 227 522.


Pension statements

Your 2023 pension statement will be available from late September.

You can still access your previous statements online via Your Pension.

How to access your statements…

If you've already registered on Your Pension

  1. Go to Your Pension.
  2. You’ll need your user ID (which has been sent to you by email or post).
  3. You’ll also need the password you chose when you registered for Your Pension, unless you’ve updated it since. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it on the Your Pension login screen.

If you’ve not registered on Your Pension

  1. Go to Your Pension and click on the Account Recovery link.
  2. You’ll need your user ID (which has been sent to you by email or post).
  3. You’ll need to set up a password via the Account Recovery link. Your National Insurance number along with driving licence or passport are required for identification purposes.

Your fund value may have gone up or down since your last statement. Pensions are long term investments so it’s important not to rush decisions. To find out what could impact investment performance, read our Fund Performance FAQs.

To learn more about how investments work and your options, visit the Investments page.

If you have any problems accessing your statement, please contact WTW (the Scheme administrator).

For your 2022 - 2018 pension statements, we have included the assumptions used to calculate your benefit projections within your statement.

On this page, you can find the assumptions for previous statements.



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