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If you joined Lloyds Banking Group after 1 July 2010, you’ll have been automatically enrolled in Your Tomorrow.

If you’re still unsure, or if you’re a dependant or representative who needs to get in touch, contact WTW (the scheme administrator) at 01737 227 522.


Get started with your pension

Your Lloyds Banking Group pension is a great way to build up money for later life.

It pays you a retirement income based on how many years you’re a member of the scheme and your pensionable salary (subject to Pensionable Pay Cap).

It also gives valuable benefits when you die or if you become too ill to work.

You might have other pensions too

These could include:

  • the State Pension
  • other workplace pensions
  • personal pensions

People often get their retirement income from one or more of these, so it’s important to understand how they work together

The State Pension

Most people can claim a State Pension when they reach State Pension age. At GOV.UK you can find out how State Pension works and how much you could get.

Other workplace pensions

If you’ve had other jobs, you might be a member of other workplace pension schemes. Depending on when you joined the Group, you might even be a member of another Group pension scheme.

There are 2 main kinds of workplace pension scheme:

  • defined benefit schemes like the one you have
  • defined contribution schemes, which invest money that you save to help it grow until you’re ready to use it

Have you lost track of an old workplace pension?

£20 billion in lost pension savings is waiting to be claimed, according to the Pensions Policy Institute. If you think you’ve lost track of an old pension, it’s easy to find out and reclaim your money.

Personal pensions

A personal pension is a defined contribution pension that you usually set up yourself. You choose the provider, as well as how much and how often you want to save.

With a personal pension, you can get tax relief. At GOV.UK you can find out more about personal pensions.


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